Configuring PayPal to use the Item Weights from Shop 2.0

The PayPal Shipping Cost Calculator can be configured to use the Item Weights entered within the SageManager Shop 2.0 Product Listings.

1. Log into your PayPal account and select "Profile" from the menu.

2. At the bottom of the left column, select "Shipping Calculator"

3. Click "Add New Shipping Method" (or "Add Another Shipping Method" if one is already there).  You can also put a checkmark next to any existing shipping method and click "Edit" if you wish to modify one.

4. If you don't have any other shipping methods already created, a "Get Started" screen will be displayed.  Click the "Start" button to proceed.  If not, skip to Step 5.

5. Select the currency (default is U.S. Dollar) the item prices as based on.  Then select the regions for this shipping method.  If no options are selected (by clicking on the "Available States" column and clicking the "Add >>" button), PayPal will offer this shipping method to all states and territories.  This is the recommended option and is easy to set up.  Clicking "Continue" at the button without changing anything will leave the defaults in place.  You may choose to offer different rates or only ship to specific states, in which case use the method described above.  When ready, click "Continue" at the bottom.

6. Select the shipping method name from the drop down list. (This is the option that will be displayed to customers.  For example, "Ground" or "2nd Day Air").  Next select the delivery time.  This is the shipping and handling time displayed to customers. (For example, the method may be ground which is usually 5 days in transit, but you might say 5-7 days to allow a couple extra days for processing on your end.)  Change the "What are shipping rates based on?" to "Total order weight".  This option is what tells PayPal to use the item weights from SageManager's Shopping Cart.

7.  Now complete the shipping rates grid as you see fit.  You can add multiple tiers depending on how many different shipping prices you plan to have. The "and up" option is automatically moved one line down when a value is entered into the "To" column.  Concurrently, the "From" field of the line below is also auto-filled based on the value in the previous "To" field in the row above it.  Once all rates have been entered to your satisfaction, click "Continue" at the bottom.

8. Review all the selections you made on the previous screens, and click "Save Shipping Method" to add the shipping option.

Repeat these steps for as many regions/territories and/or shipping methods as you would like to offer at checkout.

Article ID: 13, Created On: 9/19/2012, Modified: 9/19/2012